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Agile Report: SAFe #1 in Scaling Methods

Over the past eleven years, VersionOne has surveyed thousands of professionals practicing agile, making the State of Agile Report the largest, longest running, most widely cited agile survey in the world. The 11th annual report includes insights on the most used agile tools, agile maturity in organizations across the world, and challenges faced when scaling […]

Boost M-Commerce with Apple Pay!

Apple introduces (from next month USA only) Apple Pay, a new mobile payment system, included in the Apple Passbook mobile wallet, backed by American Express, Visa and MasterCard and card–issuing banks that are responsible for 83% of the credit card transactions, says Apple. Apple gets into mobile near field communication (NFC) payment with Apple Pay. […]

NFC is ‘here to stay’

Last week in Barcelona Mobile World Congress held. We’ve seen a lot of NFC (near field communication) initiatives. This year, we did not only see mobile NFC payments but we’ve seen a lot of initiatives with larger parts of the customer journey supported by NFC. Customer journey In the figure below you can see the […]